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BBW Blue Iris Roughly Fucked...
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In this erotic outdoor threesome, stud Trevor Thompson gets it on with older babes Dallas and Blue Iris. The three go for a hike in the wilderness, but part way along the trail they abandon their walking in favor of much more pleasurable pursuits! Their skin warmed by the bright sunshine, all three fuckers get naked. At first Trevor is orally pleasured by both girls, but then busty brunette fatty Iris wants his cock all to herself. Dallas doesn't mind; with her slender body and long blond hair, this babe knows that she can get cock any time that she wants. She stands around and cheers as Trevor bangs the crap out of chunky Iris.

Tags: Orgy, Blowjobs, Facial Cumshots, Fingering, Handjobs, Hardcore, Spanking

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